This flower has six orange petals and a yellow center. Each petal is an orange circle that has a radius of 24 pixels and is 40 pixels from the center. The center of the flower is a yellow circle that also has a radius of 24 pixels.

Change the values in the number fields to draw your own flower. You can change the size of the petals, their color, and how far they are from the center. You can also change the size and color of the center of the flower.

Petal color: red: , green: , blue:

Petal circle: x-coordinate: , y-coordinate: , radius:

Center color: red: , green: , blue:

Center circle: x-coordinate: , y-coordinate: , radius:

(Petal—Context View)

(Center—Context View)

(Outside View)

The context view is what the browser sees as it is drawing. The outside view is what the viewer sees when viewing your drawing.

Draw a two-colored flower.