This flower has two layers of petals, with 24 petals in each layer. The scale of the front layer is 0.85, which means the petals in the front layer are 85% of the size of the petals in the back layer. I draw an outline around the petals so that the layers are easier to see. This outline is 1 pixel thick.

(Petal—Context View)

(Petal—Outside View)

Change the values in the number fields to draw your own flower.

Petal circle: x-coordinate: , y-coordinate: , radius:

Petal color: red: , green: , blue:

Outline (width: ): red: , green: , blue:

Context: x-scale:

(Petal—Context View)

(Petal—Outside View)

(Center—Context View)

(Flower—Outside View)

Center color: red: , green: , blue:

Center circle: x-coordinate: , y-coordinate: , radius:

Number of petals per layer:

Front layer scale:

Drawing on <canvas> has made me a better observer, which makes me a better artist. Spend some time studying the flowers in your life and just imagine what you might create.